Karen Malody, FCSI

Thoughtful, Innovative, Accessible

A successful food service consultancy is ultimately a Dialogue wherein
the client is quietly asking "Do I trust this person with my vision and my money?" The consultant will respond in a myriad of ways - mostly upspoken. All we can do is offer a simple statement of how we think relationships should be conducted and ask that you listen to those who have worked with us. After that we hope you will contact us and discover for yourself that we do work and live in integrity.


As with people, businesses have life cycles.
Our clients approach us at different points in the project timeline.

Some projects are merely glints in their eye. Others are toddling and need steadying.
Many are thriving and simply need adjustments. And eventually, they all mature and
need to cut back or even be retired. So, . .

- coax clarity from your vision
- provide perspective and processes
- revitalize your places and programs
- rekindle the belief in possibility in your people
- assist you in achieving delight and financial success

- to Listen to your ideas
- to Facilitate your decisions
- to Honor our bid, and
- to Deliver on time

In all matters, I adhere to the FCSI Code of Conduct which places the Client's interests and the Public's interest above all. I urge you to read the full text of The Code of Conduct of FCSI. Further, I urge you to hold me or any other Advisory or Design member you should work with to the terms of this Code.


Owner, CULINARYOPTIONS, a food service consultancy 1997
F&B Director, Starbucks Coffee 1994
VP F&B / Product Development, Larry's Markets 1989
Senior Director Food Development, Restaurant Services 1983
Marketing Director, Pacific Rim Natural Foods 1981
Developer, Ocean Spray Cranberry Co 1980
Co-founder, Northwest Culinary Alliance, a food alliance 1980
Owner, Gregorakis Cooking School, catering & cooking school 1976
Co-founder, The Ark, a social service agency 1972
Instructor, Edmonds Community College, Social Sciences 1972


Consultant of the Year
Food Equipment Reports 2008

Service Award  [Consultant of the Year]
Food Consultants Society International 2007

Best Article by a Consultant
Food Consultants Society International 2007

Award for Excellence [Project of the Year]
Food Consultants Society International 2004

Best Article by a Consultant
Food Consultants Society International 2004

Designated National Food Treasure
Food Writers of America 1986


Joe Fugere, restaurant owner
“Karen so perfectly blends superb culinary development with an understanding of restaurant economics.
She has an undeniable palate and an innate understanding of food psycology. A five star performer.!”

Frank Isernio, food manufacturer
“Karen is one of the few consultants who consistenly over delivers and works
within the agreed time frame and budget. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Steve Pennak,  placement executive
“I observed Karen successfully guide and transform a CEO from a state of
analysis paralysis to one of constructive action-oriented journey of change. Karen is
an outstanding practitioiner of situatioinal coaching.”

Courtney Romano, marketing specialist
“Working with Karen was a wonderful experience. She is a true professional
who stands behind her work, and, quite simply, is a pleasure to work with.”

Mike Samora, manufacturer
“Karen is a wealth of culinary knowledge and a joy to work with. Her passion
for food and creative thinking yield on-target resuls time after time.”

Diane Symms, restaurant association president
“Karen was able to communicate clearly her assessment of our situation without
assigning blame. She has a marvelous sense of restaurant concepts and customer needs.”

Ed Taliafero, restaurant group COO
“Karen’s wealth of knowledge, experience, and appreciation of ‘brand strategy’ provided us
a variety of options for highest impact. She was a pleasure to work with and very professional.”

Lenny Zilz, VP operations, hospitality management
“Karen commands a strong understanding of the market dynamics of the restaurant
 industry and possesses a great creative talent for designing food and drink offerings. I was
impressed by how well she managed the contributions from all of the stakeholders. A true diplomat.”